Vietnamese Coffee Tradition

Unlike many countries in the world Coffee drinking culture in Vietnam evolved from natural and historical events. It has become an important part of Vietnamese people’s lives as they love to spend time with their coffee.

Street Cafe Hanoi 1902

Arabica and Robusta are the two main types of coffee in Vietnam.

Robusta is grown primarily due to the ease of production, especially with the soil in Vietnam. Vietnamese Robusta coffee has an intense flavor, bitter and stronger than anywhere else.

For Arabica, the soil and the climate to grow Arabica coffee must be in the highlands and colder which means more time to grow. In Vietnam, most people like to drink coffee as a blend of both Robusta and Arabica, the ratio depends on personal preferences.

Paul Bert Trang Tien

Vietnamese coffee enjoyment is a blend of cultures and social harmony. A cup of coffee is not the same anywhere. Some people may need to take several years to find the perfect cup of coffee in Hanoi. In other words, coffee is a good way to enjoy the people, make friends and appreciate the scenery around you.

You can find hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops, secret recipes passed from generation to generation in Vietnam.